US Airborne - WWII The story of Dominic T. Biello, KIA Belgium in WW II The mother, born in Filignano (CB) on April 12, 1883, was identified (she had all the numerous children involved in the world conflict) as one of the “ mothers symbol of the war sacrifice ” FILIGNANO (CB) – When Maria Anna Manzella left, together with her sister Jacinta, Filignano to chase the “ American dream ” she certainly did not imagine becoming years later, one of the symbols of the “ mothers symbol of the war sacrifice ”. Maria Anna was born in Filignano (IS) on April 12, 1883 to Giacomo and Antonia Franchitti. In 1901 he embarked, together with his sister Jacinta, born on October 1, 1881, on the “ Gascony ” destination “ Ellis Island ”. Difficult to trace a lot of data about her. She certainly married the Italian-American Michele Biello who was in born in Montedurini. They had numerous children (7 served in US Armed Forces). At the outbreak of the Second World War the Biello family found themselves having


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